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Events by Shani is an events planning business founded by Shani Falik–Roth 17 years ago. We help our clients live their dream wedding in Israel, specializing in international clients who rely on us to be their eyes and ears on 

the ground. We are proud to have successfully executed over 150 weddings in Israel for couples from all over North, Central, and South America, Europe, South Africa, Australia, and Israel.

Our significant experience at venues all over Israel, including views of the desert, the sea, ancient ruins, historical sites, beautiful gardens, wineries, magnificent Jerusalem as well as the impressive skyline of Tel Aviv will ensure that we leave no stone unturned when it comes to exploring the best of Israel for your event. You will get a custom wedding based on your  style, size, budget, and preference.

The Planning Stage

Events by Shani bridges the mentality and cultural differences between clients and vendors. We are fluent in English and in Hebrew, so we negotiate the contracts with these vendors on our client’s behalf, translating their contracts, focusing on the fine print, and negotiating the best service and price. 

We recommend reliable, talented, and professional vendors including caterers, florists, decorators, musicians, entertainers, hair & makeup, photographers, videographers, transportation, printing and swag.  In addition, we help coordinate required filings with the Rabbinate. 

The Big Day is Here

On the day of the wedding, our team arrives early to oversee the set up and ensure that every request and detail is executed flawlessly.  We actively coordinate all the vendors  and, identify and troubleshoot any issues that arise in order to facilitate seamless execution

With our behind the scene guidance, you will be a guest at your own wedding. We  set out place cards, menus, benchers, favors, toiletry baskets, reserved seating signs, candy tables and handle a myriad of other details. We welcome and direct guests and carefully manage the wedding timing and details from start to finish. 

Wedding Related Events

Events by Shani also plans and coordinates numerous events prior to and after the wedding including Shabbat Chattan and Shabbat Kallah, Bachelor / Bachelorette parties, Sheva Brachot, hotel and transportation accommodations, meals, sightseeing tours, welcome baskets, amenities, and other events.

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Events by Shani is an events planning business founded by Shani Falik–Roth 17 years ago. We have helped over 250 clients celebrate their  Bar and Bat Mitzvah milestone  in Israel.  Our significant experience organizing ceremonies at venues all across the country includes the  popular Western Wall, hotel-based weekends, and hundreds of other unique locations for your Bar and Bat Mitzvah party and weekend.


Planning the event

We find the right locations and vendors for your perfect event, and then liaise with the chosen venue and vendors to manage every aspect of the event.  We obsess over every detail, treating each event as our very own. You will get a customized event based on your style, size, budget, and preference.

The thoroughness of our work allows you to be a guest at your own event.

Bat/Bat Mitzvah related events

We also plan and coordinate numerous events prior to and after the Bar / Bat Mitzvah, including Shabbat programs, hotels and transportation, meals, sightseeing tours, entertainment, décor, chumashim / siddurim, Torah, candy bags, photography, videography, swag, charity projects, welcome baskets and other amenities.

We accommodate and welcome clients from all different time zones. For a complimentary consultation please contact Shani Falik-Roth.

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